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Etho5 Events LLP is an inventive platform led by young, creative & extremely energetic professionals. We are driven by enthusiasm, innovation and a constant desire to create an everlasting impact. A decade ago, a bunch of individuals gathered to redefine ‘Engagement and Events’ experience with highly professional and out-of-the-box approach. Today with a set of valued clients at our hand, we have managed to inscribe a niche in the event industry. 

We are a young and dynamic event wizardry company based out of Pune, India. We redefine ‘Engagement & Events’ for our clients with our innovative ideas and fresh perspective – which makes us unique.


We apply our extensive knowledge and skills to our clients’ goals and the event’s vision to create elegant and modern results.


Established 5 years back, we have redefined engagements for our clients, leaving them in awe of our innovative yet highly professional approach of execution.






The one stop solution for your Event conceptualizing and planning. With an experience of over 12 years in management and execution of various genres of events, Ishwardutta Marathe has generated a keen sense of the technical aspects of production designing and customization of various setups. Generating this understanding has come with the work style of never being ashamed in “getting his hands dirty” or personally being involved in setting up the production set-up’s. Precision in time management being the first priority while executing real time events, Ishwardutta Marathe has excelled in planning and backup planning to reduce any room for error.


An electronic engineer with a Masters in Marketing, Nikhil has worked extensively in Media and Financial sector. With 10+ years of experience as a Marketing professional, his expertise lies in Branding, Marketing, Strategy planning, ATL& BTL and 360 degree Event management.
His professional skills combined With his Passion for Entertainment industry, he is geared-up to make the difference in the Events & Entertainment industry. With his innovative and creative edge techniques, he is the one to address all your requirements for shaping up an event straight out of your mind. 

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